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The Name of All Things

So here’s an excerpt and the cover reveal for the next book in A CHORUS OF DRAGONS. (Thank you, Barnes and Noble!)

Pre-orders are a go!

So while I had gone to sea and was thus incommunicado, I received a few comments on the blog that were interesting. So let me clarify a few things:

  1. Yes, we changed the name of the series from when it was originally announced. No, I can’t really discuss why. All I can say is that is was for legal rather than artistic reasons and honestly, that’s the end of that. It happens. Serendipitous, I actually like the new series name better, so sometimes we have, as Bob Ross liked to say, “happy accidents.” Unfortunately not everyone seems to have gotten the memo, so there are still the occasional references to the old series title lurking around on the internet. All we can do is keep asking them to update their information.
  2. The series is on a nine month release schedule. That means that, should everything go to plan, Tor will be releasing a book in the series every nine months or so. Two this year, one next year, two the year after that (again, if all goes to plan.) Is this stunningly ambitious? Yes. Is this going to kill me? Quite possibly, especially when combined with an aggressive convention and touring schedule (or heavens, production starting on the TV series.) This isn’t something being done trivially, and it has basically meant I have sacrificed all free time and all personal activities on the bonfire of this series until it is completed. Why did I decided to do it then? Because I happen to have the privilege of being able to work at this full time and because I do my best work when pushing myself to go as fast as possible.
  3. And on that last note, please be patient with me. It’s JUST me here. I don’t have an assistant or staff or anyone helping me. If I’m living here on the blog or on social media, I’m not writing, and nobody wants that. So if I don’t respond immediately, it’s probably not that I’m ignoring you. It’s far more likely I just haven’t remembered to check in.

Love you all! Now I’m back to finishing book 3.


  1. Gems says

    I’m new to your writing and I’m so excited about this series! You’re amazingly talented and I can’t wait for more! You have an immense talent and the complicated details involved are quite thrilling and very well done!! I love it!!! Thank you!

    • Thank you so much! (Sorry for the late response, but I’ve been away.) I’m really glad that you enjoyed the book.

  2. I can’t wait for the next book! Is there any indication of a Goldsboro edition to match Book 1? (Pretty please)

    • I’m so sorry this slipped by me! My apologies. Yes, I’ve been told there will be a Goldsboro edition of the Name of All Things.

  3. Heather Z says

    Dear Ms. Lyons,
    I’ve been looking for years for a new book (or gods willing a new series!) to read since waiting for the 3rd book by Rothfuss… which is more than likely not forthcoming. However, I was more than pleasantly surprised to find your book! It’s fantastic! Fantasy writing at its best! And yes I will dare to say just as good or even better than– Rothfuss’ books. 😉 Shhhhhh, don’t tell him I said so! Anyhow, joking aside; I really did thoroughly enjoy your book! I have hundreds of books and only one shelf is reserved for the books that I loved so much that I will reread them over and over…a place of honor if you will. And ‘Ruin of Kings’ has officially been relocated to my top 20 favorite books of all time. As I had a baby boy the summer before I have only moments here and there to read now, but it made it that much better because I was able to savor it rather than rush through it in a single weekend! I am growing impatient for October for book 2, can’t wait! Also, I was wondering if you have a way I can perhaps buy a signed bookplate for my book?! I hope you plan to come thru Portland Oregon! For the next book your I mean. Thanks so much for your fantastic literary gift to the world of Fantasy readers like myself! ❤

    • Thank you so much, Heather! Congratulations on the baby! It means so much to me to know that you liked my book this much. (I have a shelf like that too, so believe me, I know what an honor it is.) As for the signed bookplate…hmm. I don’t have any of those (I should probably fix that!) but if you have one you like, you could always mail it to me and I’d be happy to sign it and mail it back. You can mail me at: Jenn Lyons, P.O. 958236, Duluth, GA 30095-9539. (I also hope I come through Portland, but we’ll see. These things are out of my control!)

  4. James Weaver says

    Getting ready for a re-read of Ruin of Kings pre-release of the Name of all Things. Feel like I need it to have a clear picture of who everyone is going into it.

    Definitely going to keep a notepad, or three, on hand so that I can properly chart all the relationships and identity secrets, not to mention who has been Talon. Looking forward to this project!

    • Actually…you don’t. Because the Name of All Things is taking Kihrin out of the Capital and away from most of the people he knew there, most of the characters you’ll meet will be new.

      On second thought, maybe you should take notes after all.

      • James Weaver says

        Just read the extended preview of the first three chapters of the Name of all Things on! Am very excited by the format and story telling style. Really enjoying it so far, can’t wait to have the whole story to read in a month. And I can’t wait to figure out who is the author of the footnotes – they are hilarious.

      • So glad you like it! (And while I’d hate to spoil the surprise on the footnotes, she pretty much gives it away from the forward on, so you’ll find out pretty quickly…)

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  6. Ed Rafferty says

    I bought TRoK’s in February but it sat in my to read pile until late October. Once started I devoured it and as soon as I finished it there was TNoaT’s on the shelf in the book store. Great stuff indeed but seeing as there are nine dragons in the world you have created, shouldn’t there be nine novels….for a full chorus that is?

  7. Hey Jenn,

    Just devoured The Name Of All Things in a week, absolutely love the series and can’t wait for book 3. Would be awesome too see some artwork of the characters, is there any plans for any to be released? Also really hope there’s a show in the works at some point!


    from London UK living in Melbourne Aus.

  8. So there’s going to be five books!? Wow, that’s impressive. Nice cover and keep up the great work!:D

  9. Cynthia Ponce says

    I loved your books. I just finished The Name of All Things!. Especially appreciate your glossery, however, could not find Thurvishar name in the glossery. What would be his description please.

    • Ah, I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed them! That’s wonderful. You’ll find Thurvishar’s name under the listing for his last name, D’Lorus. I believe his entry is:
      Thurvishar (thur-vish-AR)—son of Gadrith D’Lorus, Lord Heir of House D’Lorus.

      Needless to say, the Glossary is a bit of an unreliable narrator, too.

  10. Amberlyn says

    Im new to your books and am over the moon I came across this series. I read over 100 pages the very first time I picked it up and have already bought the second book. I also love how you have 2 narrators telling the same story. Its like nothing I’ve ever read before, but I just have 1 question the writing at the bottom of the pages that look like foot notes, who is explaining things?

    • I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! The book is diagetic, meaning the book itself exists within the world it describes, and was ‘written’ by one of the characters within. So in this case, the person who is writing the footnotes is the same person who wrote the foreword. You’ll be meeting him in story soon…

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