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The Name of All Things

So here’s an excerpt and the cover reveal for the next book in A CHORUS OF DRAGONS. (Thank you, Barnes and Noble!)

Pre-orders are a go!

So while I had gone to sea and was thus incommunicado, I received a few comments on the blog that were interesting. So let me clarify a few things:

  1. Yes, we changed the name of the series from when it was originally announced. No, I can’t really discuss why. All I can say is that is was for legal rather than artistic reasons and honestly, that’s the end of that. It happens. Serendipitous, I actually like the new series name better, so sometimes we have, as Bob Ross liked to say, “happy accidents.” Unfortunately not everyone seems to have gotten the memo, so there are still the occasional references to the old series title lurking around on the internet. All we can do is keep asking them to update their information.
  2. The series is on a nine month release schedule. That means that, should everything go to plan, Tor will be releasing a book in the series every nine months or so. Two this year, one next year, two the year after that (again, if all goes to plan.) Is this stunningly ambitious? Yes. Is this going to kill me? Quite possibly, especially when combined with an aggressive convention and touring schedule (or heavens, production starting on the TV series.) This isn’t something being done trivially, and it has basically meant I have sacrificed all free time and all personal activities on the bonfire of this series until it is completed. Why did I decided to do it then? Because I happen to have the privilege of being able to work at this full time and because I do my best work when pushing myself to go as fast as possible.
  3. And on that last note, please be patient with me. It’s JUST me here. I don’t have an assistant or staff or anyone helping me. If I’m living here on the blog or on social media, I’m not writing, and nobody wants that. So if I don’t respond immediately, it’s probably not that I’m ignoring you. It’s far more likely I just haven’t remembered to check in.

Love you all! Now I’m back to finishing book 3.


  1. Gems says

    I’m new to your writing and I’m so excited about this series! You’re amazingly talented and I can’t wait for more! You have an immense talent and the complicated details involved are quite thrilling and very well done!! I love it!!! Thank you!

    • Thank you so much! (Sorry for the late response, but I’ve been away.) I’m really glad that you enjoyed the book.

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