Obligatory Biographical Information:

I currently live in Atlanta, Georgia after having lived most of my life in Los Angeles, California. After self-identifying as an artist, graphic designer and illustrator since I was a child, I’ve since come to the conclusion that while a picture may be worth a 1,000 words, I’d rather have the words.

I have one husband, three cats, and a nearly infinite number of opinions on anything from feminism to the correct way to make a martini. I sometimes think that writing is my personal excuse for endless world-building, and an alibi for when the FBI wants to know why I’m doing all this research on suitcase nuclear weapons and M-theory. I have an obsessive love of semiotics, mythology, occult mysticism, and science. So basically: I’m a geek and proud.


    • The original plan was to self-publish, but I’m waiting to hear back from a publisher so…it’s all a mystery! I certainly don’t think there’s anything wrong with self-publishing, and it may yet be a fallback for me. I think it’s a lot more work to self-publish though, so it would be nice to have an agent/publisher who tackles such stuff for me. I wouldn’t spurn this help!

      • I agree. I’ve sent my novel out, gotten a couple rejections, and I’m still waiting on a few (and probably will send out a few more queries). But the more I wait the more I want to self-publish even though it’s so much work. I’m just so impatient! Lol I wish you luck with your querying!! 🙂

      • As you can probably tell from my posts Alexis, the publishing deal fell through and I’m back to self-publishing. I’ll let you know how it all goes!

      • No problem! It’s up to you if you want to do it, I know some people I nominated did not want to, and I think the next time I get an award like this I might not either.

  1. Daniel says

    You certainly are getting published now. I pre-ordered your book. It’s a great read so far Jenn. Well done!

  2. John says

    Just finished ‘The Ruin Of Kings’….thanks for the good ‘read’!
    FYI – page 373/1st para/5th line: ‘and I don’t who that person is either’….should it have been ‘and I don’t know who that person is either’? Thought I’d let you know if you were unaware of it so can be corrected for future printings.

  3. Christine McLenan says

    Where can I get a copy of The Culling Fields? I can’t find it anywhere either in e-book or hard copy. I live in British Columbia. Thanks!

    • Well…that’s because the Culling Fields isn’t for sale anywhere (and really, a good thing too). The only book I have available right now anywhere is The Ruin of Kings, which is what became of The Culling Fields after it was torn apart, re-written from the ground up, given excellent editing and treatment from the wonderful people at Tor, and basically made better in every possible way.

      • Christine says

        Great, thanks! I’m currently reading The Ruin of Kings and didn’t know if I should read The Culling Fields before.

  4. Melissa Norris says

    I just love The Ruin of Kings, and I’m reading it a second time before I start the second book. Do you have an address via an agent or such where your fans can send you real letters? Thank you so much!

    • Oh goodness, I’m so glad you liked it! As it happens, you can send me mail at Jenn Lyons, P.O. Box 958236, Duluth, GA 30095.

      Thank you!

  5. The Ruin of Kings was everything I could ever hope to want from a book and more! Your characters and story captured my heart, and I can’t wait for The Name of All Things!

  6. Barb Morton says

    I just read somewhere that the footnotes do not appear on the kindle format for the Ruin of Kings. Had to read twice to get my head around all the characters, not complaining though, I always reread books just before the next sequel. Do you have an external list of these footnotes that we can access on your website.. By the way, thoroughly enjoyed the book, looking forward to next books.

    • I’m not sure where you read that, but it’s not true. It IS possible that someone may be using a Kindle reader of some kind which doesn’t gracefully handle footnotes, but footnotes come stock in the ebook formats too! (I’m so glad you liked the book!). But no, I don’t have a separate footnote list. They wouldn’t make much sense removed from context.

      • fenkis says

        I just finished The Ruin of Kings and was thoroughly impressed. One of my new favorites. I was also very much surprised that the next book in the series is premiering this month. That’s always a pleasent surprise in fantasy, to have another one coming so soon.

        I’m happy to see this footnote style of writing in another author’s work. It’s in The Bartimaeus Trilogy, which was a favorite of mine growing up. I see a few parallels themes between that series and this one as well, slavery in particular. Have you read those books?

      • I’m so glad you liked it! I admit, I haven’t read the Bartimaeus Trilogy, but in my experience it’s not uncommon for authors to tap on to similar experiences and themes. Some of my writing friends and I like to joke that we’re all figuring out ways to write the same book.

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