The Name of All Things AO3 Guide

So first, the hard stuff.

Trigger Warnings:

Extreme violence (you thought the last book was gory? ha!), threats of sexual violence, slavery, references to sexual slavery, magical slavery (obey or die), major character death (they get better), mentions of cannibalism, suicidal ideation, depression, abuse, mass murder, acts of terrorism, forced marriage, bad language, witchcraft persecution, flencing (yes, skinning someone alive is a thing that happens. See gore, above.)

And the rest of the tags…

Tiny amounts of fantasy homophobia/misogyny but mostly fantasy nobody-gives-a-shit-about-whether-you’re-queer/trans/non-binary, fantasy racism, my fantasy country is NOT set in Europe, unreliable narration, more magic rocks/weapons/swords, everyone has a dark secret, who’s your daddy/mommy?, demons, GIANT KAIJU DRAGONS, FOOTNOTES, past lives, my race is different (various), my genders are different too, chatty gods are still quite chatty, oh no–not more prophecies, return of the Xanatos Chessmaster (he’s still a Magnificent Bastard), here’s another sweet cinnamon roll, don’t kill the dog, gender-flipped Robin Hood/Ivanhoe, (literally) strong female characters, bad-ass lesbians with swords, more disaster bisexuals (and disaster gays and disaster aces), equilateral love triangle, slow burn, don’t mess with tough old ladies, all the women in this book will cut you.

Whew. That’s a lot.