The House of Always AO3 Guide

The serious trigger warnings:

Extreme violence, assault, kidnapping, bad language, misogyny, internalized homophobia, inadequately negotiated consensual sex, explicit sex, references to rape, mind control, imprisonment, bullying, violent hazing, psychological abuse, grooming, body dysphoria, eating disorders, murder of close family (both discussed and attempted), threats to children, genocide and colonialism, discussion of grief and loss, suicidal ideation, undead, giant cephalopods, extensive water and underwater scenes, assassination, slavery, prostitution (both forced and consensual), non-consensual body alteration, multiple uses of weapons of mass destruction, major character death (but they get better) and minor character death (they don’t)

And the rest of the tags:

There’s always room for more dragons (and kraken), no one gets to leave until they’ve talked about their feelings (no, really: therapy or die), return of the equilateral love triangle, attacked by pirates is good, the queer goes up to eleven, yes, the monsters can have romances too (as can the asexuals), enemies to family, unreliable narration, so much angst, angst with a happy ending, this is how you get sarcastic footnotes, the very poor parenting skills of a truly stunning number of people, no one should be required to forgive their abuser, return of the original magic rock, past lives, time travel, what does ‘death’ really even mean in these books, is it prophecy or is it Memorex? (kudos to anyone who actually gets that reference), but what about second love triangle, platonic life partners, everyone can have a betrayal (as a treat), Galen’s field contains no fucks, May/December romances, bad-ass lesbians, slow burn 2: attack of the cinnamon rolls, murder couples bonding hour, magnificent bastards, Xanatos chess-master, trans positivity, in this house we support sex workers, special merpeople guest appearance, cinnamon roll franchise opportunity, and vast cosmic powers (teeny little living space)