The Ruin of Kings AO3 Guide

Because you should know what you’re getting into.

Trigger Warnings:
Real Dark Sometimes, mind rape, rape mentions, incest mentions, so much gore, so much murder, major character death (but they get better), major character death (they might not get better), major character death (they don’t get better), child & domestic abuse, slavery, mentions of sexual slavery, mind control, magically-enforced slavery (obey or die)

Then the rest of the tags:
fantasy homophobia & misogyny, criticisms of fantasy homophobia & misogyny, fantasy nobody-gives-a-shit-about-whether-you’re-queer, my fantasy country is NOT set in Europe, unreliable narration, everyone has a dark secret, FOOTNOTES, secret cults, DRAGONS, demons, kraken, shapechangers, dinosaurs, my race is different (various), past lives, magic rocks, quantum magic, Bards Are Good Actually 2k19, chatty gods, sweet prophecies, ultimate disaster bisexual, telepathy, legendary objects, oh no my romantic rival is also quite hot, stabby boys, powerful women have no time for your shit, Xanatos Chess Master (yes, also a Magnificent Bastard), Training Montage, Tested on Humans, & EVUL undead necromancer.

And lastly, It’s the End of the World As We Know It & I Don’t Feel That Fine Actually