The Memory of Souls AO3 Guide

Trigger Warnings:

Extreme violence, assault, bad language, internalized homophobia, sex, reference to rape, sex under dubious consent, non-consensual drug use, alcoholism, drinking as coping mechanism, sibling rivalries escalating to murder, so much murder, mass murder, genocide, why’d if have to be snakes, suicide, all the undead, animal deaths, major character death (but they get better) and major character death (yeah, they’re not getting better, for real this time.)

And the rest of the tags…

Previously, on, fantasy nobody-gives-a-shit-about-whether-you’re queer/trans/non-binary, unreliable narration, SO MANY TREES, more magic rocks & swords, unreliable narration, what’s a little murder between friends?, past lives, time travel, demons, MORE DRAGONS, slow burn gets hotter, everyone is thirsty, return of the equilateral love triangle, our precious disaster bi gets a clue, no, actually, it’s NOT incest, oh no — the parents are getting some too, angst, so much angst, here’s another cinnamon roll, father-son bonding time, return of the bad-ass lesbians, magnificent bastards, crotchety old wizards, ONLY ONE BED (three times), road trips, the dinosaurs are back, hard rain, masonry under the influence, and he dies, she dies, everybody dies (except the dog)