1. Antonio Testa says

    Really enjoying Ruin of Kings. Looking forward to the next one, did I see there was a prequel published in 2014? The description sounded similar to the early parts of RK.

    • I’m so glad you’re liking it! But no, the book you’re referring to is not a prequel (nor, in fact, is it available anymore). Some ideas in it ended up becoming what is now The Ruin of Kings, and that’s why it sounds familiar.

  2. Ken Seaman says

    Picked up The Ruin of Kings on a whim, couldn’t put it down. Nearly through The Name of All Things and got online, since COVID-19 has closed the bookstore down, to order The Memory of Souls, only to find out it’s won’t be available until the fall. Dang! Keep up the good work!

    • It’s not quite that bad though — the Memory of Souls will be released on August 25th. Books 4 & 5 will come next year and the year after. I’m really glad you’ve been enjoying the books and most of all, be safe out there!

      • Doris Rotter says

        Hi Jenn, I just finished the german translation of Book 1 + 2 and so much loved it! Hope ‘Memory of Souls’ will be translated soon. Greets from Bavaria, Germany! Stay creative 🙂

      • Guten Tag!
        I’m so glad to hear that! As it happens, they’re working on the translation right now (I don’t have an eta on publication dates, but I’m sure it will be sometime next year.) I’m writing book 5 now. 😀

  3. boorsteinny says

    Love the series I stumbled on this book in the library and thank Gd I did and Im buying them for myself. Thank you so much for this! Is this series a 5 book series?

  4. boorsteinny says

    Hi! I love the series and want to know if A Chorus of Dragons is a pentalogy, a 5 book series? Thank you fir the series loved it!

    • ACOD is indeed a pentalogy. The fifth book, THE DISCORD OF GODS, drops April of 2022. Thank you for the comment. I’m glad you’re enjoying it!

      • boorsteinny says

        Ahhh! So excited will space out my reading accordingly😁 i didnt realize I commented twice 😅

  5. Jason Walker says

    Is The Sky on Fire also set in the same world as a chorus of dragons or is it entirely different?

  6. Ed W says

    I just finished TDoG, and absolutely cannot wait to find out what, “For now.”, actually means!!! I’ll give you one whole, American Dollar if you spill your secrets in response…I’m good for it!

  7. Hi Jenn,
    The Ruin of Kings definitely belongs to my favourite books of all time. I first read it during my summer vacation in like three days 😄. Last year The Memory of Souls unfortunately missed my holiday timeline. So for this year I was wondering if you already know when the German translation for The House of Always will be published? I am really looking forward to it!
    Keep up the brilliant work and best regards from Germany ☺️

    • Unfortunately, I don’t. You see, the German publisher hasn’t bought the rights to books 4 & 5 yet. And book 3 is a terrible place to leave off the story!

      If you’d like to help out, I’d be ever so grateful if you wrote a letter to them to express how much you want to see books 4 & 5.

  8. I just finished the last book earlier and my brain is still reeling. Are there any plans (even an inkling of a plan?) for a follow-up series? These were so well done and I loved loved loved this world.

    I have a few questions that are still circling my head. I would be forever grateful for some amount of closure.

    What happened to Talon? Are Galen and Sheloran working on the empire with Tyentso? What about Galen and Qown’s relationship? Galen and Therin’s relationship? Whatever happened to Caless? Are Thurvishar and Senera happy? (Beyond Tereath, Khirin and Janel, those two are my favorite.)

    • I’m so glad you’ve like the books. And yes, there is a plan for a follow-up series–eventually. A few different ones, really, because there are still a lot of stories to tell in this world.

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