The Discord of Gods AO3 Guide

The serious trigger warnings:

Bad language, extreme violence (both mob and personal), assault, kidnapping, torture (aftermath), murder (referenced and shown), murder (family members), imprisonment, amputation, homophobia (internal and external), misogyny, psychological abuse, mind control, mass population control, body dysphoria, implied child abuse, grooming, threats to children, endangered pregnancy, non-consensual body alteration, explicit sexual language and subjects, eating disorders, suicidal ideation, self-sacrifice, genocide, colonialism, slavery, racism, bigotry, planetary-scale weapons of mass destruction, soul-swapping, reincarnation, unhappy ending for a queer couple (both permanent and temporary), major character death (temporary), major character death (permanent), minor character death (permanent), alcohol use, gambling, undead, giant cephalopods, water and underwater scenes, underground scenes, grief and loss.

And the funnier tags:

Still very queer, mostly a happy ending, all nine dragons in this baby (and all the Cornerstones too), the return of characters you haven’t seen since the first book, the problem with bringing a Xanatos chess master to a poker game, grounded by your parents for staying out too late (and turning into a dark god), still an equilateral love triangle, murder couples, murder family bonding moments, unreliable narration, random child acquisition, parenting skills (the good, the bad, and the ugly), let them fight (sarcastic footnotes addition), hungry, hungry demons, you might be family, but you’re still an asshole, asexual romance, don’t mess with the dog, that’s a lot of bad-ass bisexuals, dragon beats kraken, rock beats dragon, more cringe dragon hoards, multiple gremlin boys, May/December romances, a surprising number of straight relationships, Talon is her own warning, Empress Tyentso has no time for anyone’s shit, and yes, they actually do sing.