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The Tantalizing Promise of Hollywood

One of the things I’ve learned about the publishing process is that very often you cannot talk about your triumphs until months or even years later. Contracts might be signed, but announcements happen on a strict schedule. This business moves slowly…right up until it doesn’t.

Or, to put this more bluntly: The Ruin of Kings has been optioned to become a TV series.

But…what does that mean, you may ask? Good question. Truthfully, books are optioned all the time, and while it’s a lovely bonus to the author, it rarely results in, well, a TV series/movie/whatever. That’s because an option is just that — it’s a given studio paying a premium to have the option to develop a property. It’s not a guarantee that the studio will actually do so, only a guarantee that no one else can while the studio is making up its mind. Clearly I hope that in my case the studio WILL move forward, but I have to imagine every author with an optioned work feels exactly the same.

Still. This feels a bit like that first phone call with my agent (before he was my agent) when a possibility that had never before seemed practical or obtainable was suddenly a very real ‘this could happen.’ Likewise, this could happen. The Ruin of Kings could end up being developed as a TV series.

Excuse me. I need a moment to collect myself.

But will it happen? Impossible to know. I do know that I’m damn lucky to have gotten this far and I very much appreciate that.

I feel I should also point out that right now, I know as much as you do about how the TV show would move forward. I seriously mean that. Nothing beyond the option itself has been decided. And even when that changes, my involvement will be…let’s just say ‘advisory.’ I will say this: I respect that TV is a different medium from literature and has very different strengths. I wouldn’t expect the TV adaptation to be scene for scene from the book. I also really like the studio, Annapurna, who has bought the option. I feel confident they’re going to do an amazing job.

So, I have a book that is out in the public right now. The second book, The Name of All Things, comes out in late October. And I’m finishing up the untitled third book right now.

So I better get on that.


  1. Sandy says

    I only just started book 1 and am loving the ride! Can’t wait to read what you have in store for us.

  2. James says

    I was able to read the preview chapters online and was hooked. Ruin is sitting at the top of my to-read-when-my-move-at-the-month-is-done pile. I am very excited.

    Finding out you already have the follow up set to publish this fall? Pre-ordered, out of faith that the rest of the book will be as good as the preview chapters. I can’t wait to see where this series goes.

      • James says

        Finally managed to finish the first one, and I loved it. Definitely not a book for casual reading! I am going to let it settle for a few weeks/months, then re-read it before the second comes out. Only this time I’ll have a notebook so I can chart all of the interactions and relations.

        I quite enjoyed it, and look forward to seeing where the story goes. The one change I would have asked for would have been to have 2-3 chapters of a given perspective/timeline in sequence. The swap rate was enough that I found myself flipping back to refresh my mind a few times.

        Definitely happy to add this series to my collection.

      • James says

        Also worth noting that I loved the footnotes. Not sure how the story will be told going forward, but I love what you did. Between the hints of greater world building and the occasional laugh, the footnotes were great!

      • I have to say, no one is ambivalent about the footnotes. People either love them or hate them!

  3. Artorius says

    I’m very confused by the name of your book series. Is it called “A Chorus of Dragons” or “The Godslayer Chronicles”? What caused the name change and why can’t Tor/Macmillian fix it so it’s not so confusing on Amazon? Like Amazon’s U.S.A. website has the “A Chorus of Dragons” while Amazon.UK seems to have “The Godslayer Chronicles”? Which is right and what caused the name change? i’m very interested in starting a new series and this seems very interesting but I’m not sure how serious the commitment is from you as the author or the quality of the writing. IF the first book was just published on February 5th, how can the second be coming out in October of the same year? Seems impossibly fast for a sequel to an epic first novel.

    • I’ve been away without internet, Artorius, so haven’t been able to respond to you (or check this site.) The correct name for the series is A CHORUS OF DRAGONS, not the Godslayer Chronicles. Any problems with updating that are unfortunately on Amazon’s end — believe me, it’s not on us.

      As for why, well, my publisher had reasons, they were legal ones, and that’s really all I can say on the matter. Some things I just can’t discuss publically.

      It really shouldn’t be so difficult to understand how the second book can be coming out this year, however: we had it finished before the first book released!

  4. Keith Slawson says

    Congratulations! Just finished Ruin of Kings and enjoyed it very much. I’m a big fan of Steven Brust’s work, and I found the energy and depth of your story to be very similar.

    Great worldbuilding, and some fascinating characters that I hope we get to see more of.

    Thank you for your work, and best of luck in your future endeavors. I know that it can be a struggle to make a living as a writer. I hope that the quality of your work will bring you the success you deserve.

  5. Artorius says

    Hello – Is no one going to read my comment and approve or disapprove it? I’m trying to decide whether or not I should even take the dive into this series. It seems interesting but at the same time I’m not really sure how much its fully developed of its just a mashup of ideas and random concepts.

    • I’ve been away, Artorius. Since this is a one-author show, that means no one’s been able to approve posts. Apologies for that, but I hope I’ve answered your questions to your satisfaction.

      Certainly *I* don’t think my books are a mashup of ideas and random concepts, but this is one of those subjects which is deeply personal and open to subjective interpretation. You’ll have to decide for yourself.

      • Artorius says

        Thanks you so much replying. I have to say that gives me confidence that you do care! Sorry if my original post was a little combative/aggressive. I just was getting a little confused between all the various sites etc.

        I am definitely going to buy the book and check out the reviews. Hopefully I enjoy it as much as the people posting here have! Best of luck and I truly hope it is selling well!

  6. Susan Sticksel says

    Just finished Ruin of Kings – amazing first novel- looking forward to the next release. However footnotes were too distracting and didn’t (imo) add much to the story. Thank you for a wonderful read

    • Fortunately you don’t need them to enjoy the story (which is on purpose.) A great many others have told me how much they love them, but I appreciate the feedback.

  7. John Rosen says

    I picked up a copy of The Ruin Of Kings in Denpasar airport yesterday knowing absolutely nothing about the book or author, but it looked like good air travel literature.

    And I love it. I particularly like the parallel-but-not narrative that really keeps the reader engaged and on their toes. I also love that it is “not white” fantasy, but a well crafted and thought out world and society. I’ll be getting the next one and following the series with great interest. Congratulations on some really enjoyable and empathetic writing!

    • Ah, I’m so glad you liked it! I’m extremely excited — the sequel comes out the 29th in the US (I’m not sure when it comes out where you are, but hopefully not far behind.)

  8. How wild to have read this in March 2020 knowing you’ve long since been a successful author. I recently listened to the Audible version of The Ruin of Kings and I really enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing your work. I look forward to book 2. đŸ˜€

  9. Oh and I forgot to say WOW even to have your book optioned for TV! Way to go, way to go. Now I’m looking for an update. đŸ™‚ Congrats whether it happens or not. I will certainly be watching should it come to be.

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