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Read for Pixels Charity Event 2022 – Hey, Wanna Do Some Early Christmas Shopping?

Earlier this year, I was asked to take part in the Read for Pixels fundraiser, which benefits The Pixel Project.

The name “The Pixel Project” might make you inclined to think it’s about video games, but no. The Pixel Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to stopping violence against women. I am rather automatically predisposed toward the cause: mostly because I’ve been the victim of violence against women myself.

That feels weird to say, by the way. I think of my mother as the one who was targeted for violence, but I was also in the household, and I was also a target for my stepfather’s drunken rages. I was spared the majority of the physical abuse; the emotional scars remain.

This is one of those things that we as a society rarely talk about. We are not encouraged to talk about it. As such, so many women don’t understand what their options are, or how to escape a potentially life-threatening situation. That’s what The Pixel Project does: raise awareness. It’s good work.

Read for Pixels (The Fundraiser)

September is a fundraising month for the nonprofit group. When they told me they were trying to raise $5,000, I thought, “That’s great! They’ll raise that much money in no time!”

Friends, they didn’t.

To tell you the truth, I’m shocked. This seemed like a no-brainer to me. It’s not like the typical fundraiser auction. All you have to do is follow this link. You find something you like? First come, first served. Critiques, zoom calls, signed books, 1-on-1 sessions with major authors! (Sorry, but my own offerings have already been purchased.)

The Pixel Project has expanded out their fundraiser, so it now lasts until the end of October. That means you still have a chance to grab some of this stuff for yourself. Or you can always just drop off a small donation. Anything is appreciated.

It really doesn’t have to be this way.

Interested in checking out The Pixel Project’s anti-violence against women work? Visit them at https://www.thepixelproject.net/

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