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Everything Changes

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While this won’t be much of a surprised to the more experienced, time moves slowly in the publishing world.

Right up until time moves fast.

And that was last month. A few weeks ago I signed with an agent, and I assumed–given the time it’s taken to get to this point, the years of work–that it would probably be months before I had any real news, that it would be a slow but steady knocking on doors as he tried to find a good fit for my manuscript. I couldn’t have been more mistaken.

Today, I have a book deal.

Now, to give you a little bit of background on this, if you had asked me to name the one publishing company that I wanted to work with the most, my answer would have been Tor. I wouldn’t have hesitated. Tor.

And if you had sat me down with a list of editors that I could work with, and let me chose (and I admit that I didn’t really follow editors before this, so I would have had to do some digging) I would have noticed that there was one editor in particular who had worked with some of my very favorite authors, people like N.K. Jemisin, Kate Elliott, and Gail Carriger. Devi Pillai would have immediately gone to the top of my wishlist.

And then I would told myself to settle down, because that would just never happen. Never happen. She’s the associate publisher of Tor, after all. She handles some of the biggest names in fantasy and science fiction.

Well I’m pinching myself, because I just signed a five-book deal with Devi Pillai at Tor.

Fuck me. It still doesn’t seem real.

I feel so incredibly grateful and fortunate. Just the luckiest person in the world, honestly.

And now I need to get back to writing.

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Jenn is a writer, artist, and game producer living in a castle near the sea in a land called Honalee. (If anyone can prove any of that's not true, please email us and we'll update this page immediately.) She writes epic fantasy.


  1. Congrats, Jenn. Tor is clearly behind your debut, in a big way. It’s heartening.
    Thanks for being a shining light to those of us still climbing.

      • No worries. It’s Saturday, snowing like crazy, there’s a fire in the hearth, and I see Tor has released a few more chapters. Perfect.

        I can see why they’re behind this book. Can’t wait to read on!

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