The War In Heaven

Marduk's Rebellion

Now available!

The war is over but our problems have only just begun.

The Sarcodinay were humanity’s benevolent masters, galactic guardians who saved us from apocalypse and claimed us as their long-lost children—and like any stern parent, they expected their children to behave.

We didn’t.

A century of violence and conflict followed as humanity tried to overthrow its rulers, but when the Sarcodinay suddenly and without warning announce their surrender, the rebellion is left scrambling for a way to deal with an outcome no one could have predicted: victory.

Brash, unorthodox, and brilliant, Lieutenant Mallory MacLain has always been tolerated because of her successes against the enemy, but now faces an uncertain future with a government that no longer has a place for rebels. When Mallory witnesses the assassination of an important Sarcodinay official, she finds herself chasing a murderer that no one seems to want her to stop, and uncovering a truth about the war that could jeopardize the lives of thousands of people…including her own.

Next up!

Making Shiva

The Solar Independence War is over. Retired war hero Mallory McLain is looking forward to a successful career exploring hyperspace and the scientific mysteries of the universe, but when a cult of personality rises up in the nascent League, peace begins to seem like a short-lived dream. With her research stolen and her most trusted friends turned against her, Mallory is forced to make a devil’s bargain to protect the human race from a black flagged admiral who demands his own worship as a god.

Unfortunately, he may also be one.

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