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Manuscripts Sitting in a Drawer

So it’s been quiet… It hasn’t been, but I admit I’ve been pretty bad about blogging, so how would you know what insanity has been in my life? 2015 was a dead year in that regard. There was a lot going on behind the scenes, but nothing showing on the surface. Let’s chat a bit about what’s been going on, just between us. The first thing I want to mention is that the sequel to my science-fiction space opera, MAKING SHIVA, is on its final review rounds before an expected March publication. (I’ll post the cover here shortly.) I am anxious to let this one into the world, not only because it marks another advance in dear Mallory’s story, but because it also marks the last of the ‘old books.’ What are the ‘old books’ you ask? Well, many years ago, I got this idea into my head that I was going to be a writer. It was a bit of a lark, but I love books, love them to an embarrassing degree, so when …

Tall Poppies

I hate Mary Sues. It’s not, however, for the reason that you might think. We’ve all encountered Mary Sue characters — a product of fan fiction (typically an author insert) who can do everything, fix all problems, knows everything and knows exactly how to solve any given mystery. In my experience, Mary Sues are often not perfect, but charmingly flawed (so clumsy!) and very often that flaw ensures she is always the center of attention. Everyone loves her because the author wants it that way rather than because she is, in fact, lovable. But at some point (I’m honestly not sure when) the Mary Sue shifted away from wish-fulfilling author insert to a woman who was good at too much. Quelle horreur! I had a sneaking suspicion when I wrote Marduk’s Rebellion that I was going to hear that accusation leveled against the main character, Mallory MacLain. She is, by her nature, a highly skilled, badass kind of character: a super agent who neither wants nor arguably needs much support. She’s a loner, and she …

Book Reveal: Marduk’s Rebellion

So hot on the heels of the contract with World Weaver Press to publish Blood Chimera in 2014, I’ve decided I’m going to bring my other finished novel, Marduk’s Rebellion, to market myself. Now. (Well, ‘now’ being as soon as I get approval from Smashwords and CreateSpace and finish uploading it to all the other sites out there. By the end of the week, probably.) There were a few reasons for this decision, and it’s in no way a slam against World Weaver Press (who are wonderful people.) I simply looked at the market and my situation and decided that it wasn’t in my personal best interest to keep Marduk’s in a drawer when I could self-publish the book myself and have it out to readers before Christmas. Especially since I had so much of it ready to go, including cover art. Marduk’s Rebellion was the first book I ever wrote, and also the first book I ever tore up, scrapped and ‘redrafted’ — meaning I threw the original novel in a drawer and started …

Weaver @2013, Jenn Lyons

Marduk’s Rebellion Concept Art: Mallory McLain

Meet Lieutenant Mallory McLain, code-named “Weaver,” an Intelligence Operations agent working for the Solar¬†Independence¬†League, the fancy-schmancy title for what most folks just call ‘The Rebellion.’ She’s one of the best of the best, a solo operative who specializes in break-ins: computer, prison or research lab. Only now that the aliens the human race has been fighting for almost a century are suing for a treaty and withdrawing from their occupation of Earth, there will finally be peace and she’s going to be out of a job. Right? Works in theory. Updated: The great thing about posting this is that after staring at her for a few days, I’ve decided to return her to being a blonde. The character is happier that way, if that makes any sense.