Blood Chimera Series

Some ransoms aren’t meant to be paid. Kidnap and Ransom negotiation used to be straightforward. The bad guys kidnap someone, and K&R expert Jackson Pastor negotiates their release, skillfully traversing a maze of bloodthirsty monsters: criminals, terrorists, police, and especially the FBI.

But that was before he met real bloodthirsty monsters.

When Jackson Pastor arrives in Los Angeles to help a new client recover his kidnapped wife, he finds himself dropped in the middle of a 500-year-old war between rival European and Mexican vampire clans, a conflict that threatens to escalate into a full-on public gang war. Worse, Jackson hasn’t been brought to Los Angeles to be a negotiator.

His new boss wants to turn him into an assassin.

With Jackson about to be caught in the middle of a clan war, his only hope of escape may lie with a secret FBI monster-hunting task-force led by a very dangerous, eccentric wizard.

Which could be a problem, since Jackson’s a monster himself.

Coming August 12, 2014

Next book: Blood Sin

Short stories and articles about Blood Chimera.


  1. Judy Isaacs says

    Just read Blood Chimera and I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful book it is. I sincerely hope this series gets the attention it deserves. I do not do many review on Amazon, but I plan on giving you a 5 star rating. Looking forward to reading the next book and many more. I am a fan.

    • Ah, thank you! I really appreciate hearing it. I think you’ll be happy to hear that the 3rd book in the series should be out later this year.

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