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Cover Reveal: Making Shiva

So there it is: my cover for the second book in my science-fiction series. Here’s the stuff on the back:


Now that the Solar Independence War is over, retired war hero Mallory MacLain is busy partying away her career opportunities and ignoring her chances to better the universe through scientific discovery.

When a cult of personality rises up around a new leader in the nascent League, Mallory is too lost to her own self-destructive urges to recognize the danger: she can ignore the politics, but that doesn’t mean the politics will ignore her.

Now, with her research stolen, her reputation in tatters, and her most trusted friends turned against her, Mallory is sentenced to the most notorious prison in human-occupied space. What she finds on Sheol Station makes her question everything she believes about the destiny of the human race. With the League only just freed from alien rule and now on the cusp of becoming thralls to a new slave master, Mallory must answer the question of what she’s willing to sacrifice to put an end to a tyrant who has the power to demand his own worship as a god.

Especially since he may be one.

Needless to say, I’m pretty thrilled to be sending this out the door. Expected book publication will be at the end of March–I’ll keep everyone updated if that changes.

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Jenn is a writer, artist, and game producer living in a castle near the sea in a land called Honalee. (If anyone can prove any of that's not true, please email us and we'll update this page immediately.) She writes fantasy, science fiction, and paranormal mysteries.

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