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Glamour Review (plus a sale!)

One of the books my publisher World Weaver Press recently published is called Glamour (written by Andrea Janes), and while on the surface the book is about witches, don’t let that fool you. It’s really about how power corrupts, the contrast between haves and have-nots, judging books by their covers, and the dangers of getting what you wish for (especially when it comes at someone else’s expense.) Good stuff, wonderfully written. Really the kind of work that deserves to be shared, so where I am, sharing it.

So I wasn’t given an advance reader copy of this book but I actually went out and bought it myself. Because.

(Okay, I liked the cover art.)

I’m very glad I did.

As Hannibal Lecter once asked: What do we covet, Clarice?

Answer with me: we covet what we see every day.

In this case, the ‘we’ is a young woman named Christina, who grew up in, lives, and works in a small Cape Cod resort town that might once have been the set of a Lovecraftian group of cultists, but now plays host to rich tourists who whisk in during the summer months to spend a lot of money on smarmy tourist traps (which the town requires to keep afloat.) Christina has ‘seen’ these rich tourists all her life, and she resents them even as she relies on their discretionary income for her survival. Told (mostly) from Christina’s POV, it’s clear from the start that her own prejudices are blinding her, never so apparent as when one of the tourists, a pretty, perfect blonde named Reese, takes a job at the ice cream shop where Christina works.

Christina may be of legal age, but she has a lot of growing up to do.

When Christina discovers she has magic powers, real honest-to-goodness magic powers, it’s not an instant trip to Hogwartz. Indeed, when she discovers her magic is capable of granting all her wishes, including giving her life she’s always thought she wanted, Christina also finds out the hard and painful way that her real problem is her own attitude. Now that’s a life lesson I can get behind.

Basically? I loved this book. I recommend the hell out of it.

I should also mention that the book is going to be on sale, starting May 25th (that’s THIS SUNDAY) at 8:00 am PST. The book will be $0.99 on Amazon, and it will go up by $1 every 38 hours until May 31 when it returns to it’s normal $4.99 price. So if you want to pick it up, now’s the time.

Get your copy here!

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