Marduk's Rebellion
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Book Reveal: Marduk’s Rebellion

Marduk's Rebellion

So hot on the heels of the contract with World Weaver Press to publish Blood Chimera in 2014, I’ve decided I’m going to bring my other finished novel, Marduk’s Rebellion, to market myself. Now. (Well, ‘now’ being as soon as I get approval from Smashwords and CreateSpace and finish uploading it to all the other sites out there. By the end of the week, probably.)

There were a few reasons for this decision, and it’s in no way a slam against World Weaver Press (who are wonderful people.) I simply looked at the market and my situation and decided that it wasn’t in my personal best interest to keep Marduk’s in a drawer when I could self-publish the book myself and have it out to readers before Christmas. Especially since I had so much of it ready to go, including cover art.

Marduk’s Rebellion was the first book I ever wrote, and also the first book I ever tore up, scrapped and ‘redrafted’ — meaning I threw the original novel in a drawer and started over from scratch.  (I took the original novel out of that drawer earlier this year to remind myself how far I’ve come, and had myself a good laugh.) A whole lot has changed from that first version, from the name of the book to the names of virtually every character in it, including the main protagonist. This is the book that’s been haunting my steps for fifteen years, the one that might have become an excuse to hang up my hat and give up on the idea of being a writer at all. I hemmed and hawed and didn’t finish it and wasn’t ‘inspired’, until finally I came face to face with the realization I was making excuses for myself, because if I never finished this book, I’d never have to face the consequences of sharing that creation. Marduk’s Rebellion was my Schrodinger’s Cat. Is it good? Is it bad? Who knows as long as no one ever gets to read it?

Once I understood what I was doing and why, I finished Marduk’s Rebellion this summer in a month.

Some might argue that self-publishing this book is a cheat, because I’m skipping editors, agents and the whole big pub thing (to whom this book, let’s be honest, was a hard sell anyway) but if I’m going to be judged, I’d honestly rather be judged by readers. So I’m letting this one go. I’ve fixed my finishing stamp firmly to the page and pronounced it done.

I do hope you enjoy it.

P.S. My one regret about that cover art? The title totally hides her tattoos. Such are the travails of graphic design.

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