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Blood Chimera and World Weaver Press


It’s official! I didn’t want to make any statements until I had crossed all the t’s and dotted all the i’s, but now I have and everything is official. Blood Chimera has found a home with World Weaver Press, a wonderful independent press that I had been researching for a while before I was spurred to submit my manuscript to them. I was very impressed by their marketing, both on twitter and for individual authors (Michelle Lowry Combs was just everywhere when her book Heir to the Lamp came out, wasn’t she?) and that admiration only increased when I started discussing the direction and themes of the novel — Eileen has a remarkable insight and clarity of focus that impressed the socks off me. I am both dreading and really looking forward to her editing notes: because I’m pretty sure she will ask me to slay some darlings, and God help me, I will.

So. The contract is signed and the next step is..writing the next book. Of course! I’m 30K words into the first draft of the sequel, Blood Sin, and very happy with my progress so far. Jackson’s going to face one of the hardest challenges of his K&R career — learning how to be part of a team.

Oh, and something about a serial killer.

Blood Chimera will be published sometime in 2014. More details to come as I have them. Oh, and since I’ve heard people say that your publisher will tell you what genre your book really is, Blood Chimera is now officially “a gritty, noir paranormal mystery.”

I can live with that.

P.S. That book cover I posted a few months back will not be used by WWP, at least not in its current state, but I look forward to seeing what they come up with for the new version. And I may still do a book cover workshop soon.

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